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Great Photography Doesn't Have to be Difficult! know what I am going to have to get OFF AUTO...and yes, I know how you feel...the fear, the justifying...the overwhelm when you think about all the settings that you'd have to look at and learn...all the woeful results you'd have...STOP!!...what if it was just not true!  Let me show you how easy it is.

From Woeful to WONDERFUL...

...the trick is to take things one step at a time!
Let me get you past that mind clutter and take you by the hand......step by step

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3.  Get Off AUTO - have a go!...and seriously think about the Photography Basics Course.

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"Hi - I'm Nicole - Pro Photographer and your trainer - I look forward to watching your photography become great!  Check out what our students are saying..."

Great course Nicole, easy to read and follow and I am finally going to try and get off that pesky auto setting using your tips and steps. ~ Bernie Lagas

Clear and economical use of text and images. Photography Basics is a very useful quick and easy tutorial. I'd recommend it to anybody. ~ Isabel  L.

I took this photo after going through just part of the course and I'm only still learning how to use my camera so I am very proud of this - Tars Munro

Loved it, in some parts, it was good to know that I have been on the right track, and in other parts, hmmm, 'is that how it's done' awesome! ~Rae Sissons

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