Shoot Legendary Photos – PhotoPills Review

I think this is the photo tip of the year!  

PhotoPills iphone app

PhotoPills‘PhotoPills’ – I just bought this app and cannot wait to use it – this is the best ever photo tool for landscape photographers. Actually, it would have saved HEAPS of time and driving while trying to plan the last super full moon…

Generally I leave it to the heavens – luck – trust the universe that I will be in the right place at the right time….lol… it does work…sometimes…maybe the universe sent me to this app so I can be more timely – lol.


Meet PhotoPills from PhotoPills on Vimeo.

✓ PhotoPills is:

Map-Centric Natural Light Planner – Photo Plannings Manager – Location Scouting – 10.500 Locations – Sun, Moon Finder – Shadows – Obstacles – Sun, Moon, Twilights, Magic Hours Info – Sun, Moon, Milky Way, Celestial Equator, Polaris, Circumpolar Stars 3D Augmented Reality (AR) Viewer – Sunrise, Sunset Calendar – Moon Calendar – Perigees, Apogees – Time Lapse, Star Trails, Spot Stars, Long Exposure Calculators – Direct, Inverse Advanced Depth of Field Calculator- DoF, Hyperfocal Table – Direct, Inverse Field of View, Subject Distance, Focal Length Match Calculators – DoF, FoV 3D AR Viewers – Complete User Guide – and Much More…

Everybody has a creative side… PhotoPills will help bring that creativity out of you, all with a fun, innovative, and beautiful design.

✓ Endorsed by professionals

“Pays off! Using such a tool ensures that we are repeatedly capable of quickly planning powerful shots; leaving maximum opportunity for more creative ruminations.” – José B. Ruiz, Innovation Award, Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

“Get it. It’s what I call an all in one solution.” – J.A. Hervas, Time Lapse Pro.

“I love it when a plan comes together” – Colonel John Hannibal Smith, Team-A.

 ✓ Take control

You know what makes the difference between a good shot and a truly memorable shot is being able to design the image carefully before you press the shutter:

•Design: your next shot could be a full moon setting under a secret stone arch, a sunrise between two giant rocks   located on a magic beach, a sunset over the main street in your hometown or a dramatic full moon appearing from behind a nearby hill.

•Plan: calculate, in seconds, the exact date and time the scene you’ve designed happens. WORK SMARTER!

•Shoot: just get out there, immerse yourself in the great outdoors and enjoy capturing unique moments.

✓ No frustrations

No matter how many ideas you have, quickly calculate whether the photo is possible or not. Avoid wasting your precious time in useless research work.

✓ Never waste an unmissable scene again

Create a To-Do list of planned photos and get to the location on time.

 ✓ Get It right

Adjust your frame for the best composition before you shoot. Use the 3D AR Viewers to visualize whether the sun, moon, celestial equator, Polaris, Milky Way will be at the desired position at the time of pressing the shutter.

✓ Discover great places to shoot, create your own locations database

If you come across a location you’d like to remember, use PhotoPills to save it as a Point of Interest. Add descriptive photos and notes. Travel and discover more than 10.500 locations all around the globe.

✓ Focus on creativity; leave the calculations to us, the math nerds

Predict sun, moon, celestial equator, Milky Way, Polaris – time lapse settings – equivalent long exposures – star trails simulations – max. exposure time to get stars as spots – settings for a desired level of sharpness – lens selection, subject distance for a desired framing – min. distance to subject to capture it – equiv. lens focal Length to produce same FoV…

✓ Share your creations

Whether you want to show your results to your friends and family or the whole world, PhotoPills has got you covered. Share your photo planning, secret locations and all kinds of calculations on Facebook and Twitter, or both at once with a few taps.

✓ Meet up

Export your photo planning and locations by email. Invite your friends to come with you to take the photo. PhotoPillers will be able to import and study the shot you’ve planned.

What are you waiting for? Try PhotoPills now and discover that you can truly make legendary photos!

Check out their website here

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