Earth Shattering Industry Changes…


me and the birdI cannot let go of my beloved full size pro Canon cameras and lenses at this point…but I was flicking through a few of my not too bad iphone photos yesterday, wishing I had bothered to drag out the big camera at those moments for higher quality commercially viable shots ….and I had to ponder again the decision pro photographer Trey Ratcliff made to ‘upgrade’ to a mirrorless camera….times are changing…and the day will come….you just don’t need a big expensive DSLR to take professional quality pics anymore and a smaller camera is far more likely to be pulled out and used on the spur of the moment.  It’s the ‘ouch’ thinking about the thousands of dollars already invested in equipment and also a bit of ego that holds us back –  the big camera just ‘looks’ professional – but think carefully and do your research if you are in the market for new gear – you might just find yourself with a high quality much smaller camera.

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