Lighthearted B+W ND Filter Review

B+W filter saves the dayI recently treated myself to a brand new and rather expensive B+W Neutral Density filter.  Actually it has been in my camera bag for a few months waiting for a high country nature based adventure to use it.  I have mostly Hoya filters and the B+W sticks out in my camera bag in it's big boxy its reminding me that it's time to find a waterfall or something.

Well, I am not regularly doing press photography or covering events, and 99% of the time I do not like using a flash at all, but lately the flash has been icing in my camera bag for a few odd seems that the reflector card has fallen out somewhere...and so the ND filter finally comes out of the bag and saves the day!!!

To my dear beautiful quality ND filter...I am so sorry I had to use you for such un-artistic work....but thank you for saving the day (can you believe there was not a piece of paper in the hall - ND was the only option!)