Reminiscing on Exotic Travels – Photos of Peru

Peruvian Market

In 2008 – before I decided to get back into photography professionally, I went to an internet marketing seminar in the USA via a two week visit to Peru – seemed like a good idea…was just about flying straight over…sort of.  With my trusty Sony pocket camera I managed to take over 1000 photos, now I wish I had my beloved Canon 5D back then, but…a few pics are just about good enough for the website with a bit of tweaking but I think I had best put another trip over there on my bucket list!

It does go to show that you don’t need a bigger better camera to get awesome shots, in fact many of the photos would not have happened at all if I had stuck a huge camera in their faces.

    To-the-Depths-of-Her-SoulMan-in-Cuzco   Peruvian-Working-Girl