What's in My Bag - Photography Gear Guide

Cameras, lenses, accessories, software, storage & sharing. Find out what I use and recommend, and what I don't...and download the PDF guide!

"The right tools is half the job done."


…but the right tools for me may not be the right tools for you…it depends on what sort of photography you are into.

For example, I do more and more online and social media product marketing these days and therefor I create more and more images quickly and effectively with my iPhone and iPhone editing apps.

It's also about your personal style and where you want your photos to end up.  These days I have a wide variety of needs...various output size and quality...so everything from my iPhone to my 2 DSLRs are in my bag.

  • I prefer nature photography to portraiture and street photography, so a good strong telephoto lens is important.
  • I like to hike into the back country so a full frame higher weight camera and tripod are on my wish list!
  • I create gallery prints of my best work so a good quality full frame camera is important.
  • I also need to keep up with my social media marketing so the ability to quickly produce, edit, and share images is important so I keep my iPhone and accessories handy.


So what is your photography style and where do you want your masterpieces to end up?

I love checking out new gadgets and tech and apps, and it is also important for me to keep up with whats new, but every now and then I have to cull my 'stuff' to clear my head.  I think it’s good practice.  If you have cameras and lenses you don’t use, sell them or give them to a budding photographer in the family…Only keep in your camera bag the stuff you use.  Make a wish list of the missing pieces to your kit.

Getting into photography can be frightfully expensive but you will always save money if you plan your kit wisely…and remember that the ‘right tools’ is only half the job done. Is the other half letting you down?…whats the other half??  Your camera and creative skills!  Do you need a better kit or do you need to learn more?

So what’s in my bag?  Rather than go into it all here I have put it all in one PDF - everything I am using now, good and bad, and what’s on my wish list.

It covers:

  • Cameras
  • Lenses
  • Accessories
  • Editing Software
  • Storage & Sharing

In each section I go through what I have, what I recommend, and what’s on my wishlist and links to handy stuff.


Download it here: https://www.greatphototutorials.com/camera-gear-guide


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