New (ALL) Year Photography Goals

Monkeys in Februrary

New (ALL) Year Photography Goals It’s already FEBRUARY and you know what that means!…now wait…it’s NOVEMBER!!! OMG this is insane…let’s do something before the year is gone altogether!!     All year you’ve been taking lots more photos – you’re committed – you’ve been downloading and editing them, and backing up like you know you…

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This is What I like About Photographs

Fern Frond

This is What I Love About Photographs There’s something magical about taking a great photo.  It’s why I want to inspire everyone to take better pictures…not only do you feel really good about it….you share that joy with everyone you share your photos with whether you realise it or not.   This is what I…

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Cultivating Carrots

Wait for it……there’s a series coming!! “~Creative Carrot Quotes~” at the Photographic Philosophy Gallery! Heaps of fun but it’s actually more time consuming than anything else I do because after the standard final photo edit i have to make sure to leave appropriate space for text, find something profound to say that relates to the…

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Inspirational Quotes and Great Art Photos

I have been wanting to create a special gallery of motivational / inspirational posters for a while now…the thing is that I have a huge amount of images that would suit inspiring quotes, but putting it all together  – finding images to match the quotes and visa versa – is time consuming and the added artwork…

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