What if learning photography was EASEY???

I only run this course a couple times a year because it is hands on and you get lots of access to me... so just pop your name and email in the box below and I'll let you know when it's happening next.


...and the good news is...this course starts with 4 free video lessons - yep - no charge - no credit card - just come along!


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The 4 essential steps to great photos

In this course you will learn:


Super important but never taught - really see the scene before you even think to take your camera out of the bag!


Set your camera correctly for the situation - now that you SEE what's really going on in the scene.


Design the shot, this will set your photo apart from every other boring photo out there - go from woeful to WOW!


It's the icing on the cake - and all great pics have had some editing - make it look like you saw it...or even better.

What You Get:

  • ONLINE COURSE CONTENT: 6 weeks of videos and lessons.
  • PDFs: Download the course and cheat sheets
  • APP: Upload our app to your device for quick and easy access to all your info
  •  ACTION:  Weekly action exercises and tasks - this is a 'DOING' course!
  •  LIVE:  Live webinars and Q&A to chat and ask questions and learn from me
  • PRIVATE FB GROUP: for community support and connection.
  • CHALLENGES & QUIZZES: to test and practice and check
  •  EMAIL:  I keep in touch with you and you can email me anything!

It sure sounds like fun don't you think ?!?

The ultimate online photography training and community. Invest in honing your photography skills in monthly bite sized chunks rather than an expensive course.


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