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Nicole Vlug - Photographer

Phone: +61 (0)403 055 330
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Postal: PO Box 988 Jindabyne 2627, NSW Australia

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My Mission:  To take the fear and confusion out of getting OFF AUTO so you can take GREAT PHOTOS, to make it seriously fun and fulfilling, and to encourage you to use photography to capture and create beauty in your world.

In case you're wondering....

I was always involved in photography, and remember as a very young child, sitting with my grandmother in her darkroom, processing and printing B&W images for Kodak. My grandfather would trim the images and package them, and we would drive into the city to deliver them and pick up more. My family were also excellent photo colorists...in the old days when it was all Black and White.


My Great Uncle was an artist and professional photographer and there were stacks of his old photographic magazines at home for us to cut and play with when we were kids...and those photos did it! I always dreamed about what it would be like to be a photographer.  

After finishing High School I went to Art College to do a Certificate in Photography but I was frustrated with the slow speed of learning and huge amount of spare time through the week, so I left before completing my certificate when offered a job in a photographic business with a retail store and studio. I began with retail sales, and then weddings and portraiture, and was happy to be busy, productive, and learning. I still do believe that photography should be an apprenticeship based course.


Not long after I started in the photographic store, and with some experience and confidence under my belt I started working for myself from home. A little local advertising and winning over 30 local photographic competitions over a few years landed me with solid clients – the local council, newspapers, real estates, as well as weddings on the weekends – I was on call 24/7 and busy.

So busy in fact that by the time I was in my early 20's I was burnt out! I felt that I had expanded as far as I could in my current environment and decided a career change was the best idea. Through my other business ventures I regularly used my photographic skills to my advantage for advertising and product marketing, though most of my day was taken up in not so creative roles.

Nicole's current professional photographic services include art photography, restoration, commercial and lifestyle photography, workshops, online gallery and store, she holds art photography exhibitions regularly and hangs out in her free facebook group:

Equipment used:


Canon 5D MkII & MkIII, Sony Mirrorless, iPhone 6


Canon 70-200mm 2.8L Series, 24-70mm 2.8L series, 16-35mm 2.8L series.

Current projects: 

Take Great Photos - The ultimate technical guide to get OFF Auto and take control of your camera. It’s the ultimate photography course with online tutorials, digital interactive ebook, mobile app, cheat sheets and resources. 

Photography with EASE - The more touchy feely hands on course to learn how to see, learn how the camera sees, get off Auto, compose, create, edit with amazing results.  Lots of online interactive time with me and personal contact.

Interesting Fact: 

There are European gypsies somewhere way back in her family tree and this probably accounts for the fact that she is often found drifting between her two homes in Queensland and The Snowy Mountains which are 1000 miles apart (always with camera in hand). She's also prone to international meanderings of all sorts.


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